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Latitude is the biggest exporter of Silicon Metal in Taiwan . From 2008.

we have exported more than 3,6000 tons of silicon metal. We export Silicon Metal 2202, 3303, 441 and 553.


SILICON METAL is a kind of high purity alloy product with a wide variety of applications. It is made from quartz, as reacting with coal, wood chips and other carbon materials. The most common uses of silicon metal are in the aluminum, chemical, electronic and other related metallurgical and foundry industries.
¡@ We supply good quality SILICON METAL including the chemical grade of #441, #553, #3303, and etc. Material can be supplied in a variety of mesh sizes.
¡@ Normal packing is 1000 kilograms plastic woven bags.
¡@ Please let us know your precise requirements.

The silicon metal could be used as the alloying agent, non-ferrous deoxidizing agent, and smelting of special kind of steel. After a series of processing, it can also be applied to the electronic, chemical and many related industries.


We have Silicon Metal in hand.
¡± In plastic woven bag about one metric ton net each ¡±
553# (Fe¡G0.5%max¡E Al¡G0.5%max¡ECa¡G0.3%max)
441# (Fe¡G0.4%max¡E Al¡G0.4%max¡ECa¡G0.1%max)
3303# (Fe¡G0.3%max¡E Al¡G0.3%max¡ECa¡G0.03%max)

Some inspection photos were attached as follow.
Some inspection photos were attached as follow.

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